What makes us consider some men more to be more “Masculine” and often as a result, more attractive?

Are there certain facial features that are responsible for giving a more “masculine” facial appearance?

A common characteristic of a masculine face is a strong and chiseled jawline and chin. The masculine nose is also slightly larger and stronger nose than that of a woman.

Some men admit to feeling unsatisfied with the masculinity of their facial features.

Thankfully, masculinisation treatments can be employed to modify the facial features to achieve proportion, balance, and harmony.

This masculine look can be easily achieved with Chin and Jawline dermal filler injections.

Using a high density dermal filler, a sharp mandibular angle and jaw can be created, with the use of a microcannula to strengthen a naturally weak jawline.

Also, Nose filler injections can be a part of this procedure, as a more masculine appearance is instantly created by a straight, refined, and well proportioned nose.

Derma Institute teaches our delegates these techniques in our 1-Day Advanced Dermal Filler and 2-Day Combined Botox and Filler Course.

Our training emphasizes on taking a holistic view of the treatment, to include patient expectations, and ensure safety and optimum results.


Over the past decade, there has been a noted increase in the popularity of male cosmetic treatments.

This has led to an increased demand for non surgical treatments such as the Masculinisation procedure which more and more men are opting for, to achieve an appearance considered more classically masculine.

With the development of innovative techniques in non surgical cosmetic treatments, particularly with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, subtle and natural results can be achieved with these cosmetic treatments, while still transforming the face notably.

Mastering this art as an aesthetic practitioner gives you an added advantage by letting you key into the rising demand for it.

Gaining expertise in this procedure adds to your credibility, while giving you the avenue to improve your earnings, and increase patient satisfaction rate.


We teach this procedure on our 1-day Advanced Dermal Filler Course. On this day, you will also learn 13 other advanced, most popular aesthetic procedures which would enhance your aesthetic skills, and enable you offer these to your clients.

We also teach this procedure on our award-winning 2-day Combined Botox and Filler courses. This course is more suitable for beginners in the field who would learn 8 basic, as well 13 other advanced popular aesthetic procedures after which they can kick start their career in aesthetic practice.


Derma Institute’s Masculinisation course will provide you with expert training in every aspect of this procedure which would ensure you’re fully qualified and ready to offer the treatment.

You will learn the following:

  • The anatomy of the male nose, chin, and jaw area, as well as the overall face.
  • An understanding of Facial proportions especially as it pertains to male aesthetics.
  • Indications for Masculinisation such as a weak jaw, a narrowor recessed chin, a disproportionate nose, etc.
  • Contraindications to non-surgical Masculinisation.
  • The patient consultation and assessment process that ensures optimum results.
  • Pre-treatment client evaluation which ensures the provision of a crucial balance of facial aesthetics, while improving the natural shape and contours of the face.
  • Selection of candidates for treatment, management of patient expectations, anaesthesia use, as well as patient after-care.
  • Requisite knowledge in product selection through learning the different brands of suitable dermal fillers available on the market.
  • Knowledge and understanding of possible complications or adverse effects and their management, including the use of hyaluronidase enzyme to dissolve fillers should the need arise.
  • Avoiding complications through through safer injection techniques including cannula and needle use that consider angle and depth of injections.
  • Carry out at least one Masculinisation procedure on a live model patient provided by Derma Institute.


Become an expert in Masculinisation techniques

You will be taught several basic and advanced techniques of Masculinisation, which would allow you give your clients custom-tailored results.

This course is delivered by industry experts who possess vast experience and expertise in the field.

This procedure will be taught alongside other basic and advanced facial rejuvenation procedures that allow you offer a more holistic treatment to your clients.

Broaden your services menu

In addition to the basic aesthetic procedures which are more readily offered by most aesthetic practitioners, now you can add these Masculinisation treatments to your repertoire.

Increase your market value and employability by top aesthetics clinics

Being equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and skills of current and highly demanded non-surgical aesthetic procedures, you will be sought after by high-end clinics.

A lot of practical hands-on experience gained from working on live models

To make sure that you are set to confidently and safely start practicing, our course comprises intensive, practical, hands-on training sessions on live models that we provide for you.

Small training groups

We judiciously maintain a low trainee-trainer ratio, not exceeding 5 trainees per trainer. The small size of our training groups, with our dedicated expert trainers, ensures that your learning is individualised and effective.

CPD accreditation

At the end of your training course with Derma Institute, you will be awarded with CPD points as well as a certificate of attendance which is insurer-approved.

Post-training support

In addition to the above, we continue to provide after training support to all our delegates which they find very beneficial.


In our 2-day combined Botox and filler course, as well as our 1-Day Advanced Dermal filler course.

Our delegates can be assured of their ability to expertly and confidently offer these treatments upon completion of this course.

We also offer Nose correction Training

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