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Dermal Filler & Botox Courses For Nurses

Nurses, are you tired of working long, unsociable hours in healthcare and not being rewarded with the salary you deserve? Did you know that by training in facial aesthetics, you could not only double your current income but also make a positive difference in the lives of your patients? If yes, read on to discover how we can transform you into a practice-ready, holistically certified cosmetic nurse professional.

Derma Institute specialises in Botox & Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Nurses and Midwives. Our practical and online training programmes will guide your aesthetic career from beginner to expert. Our specialist doctors will teach you the latest techniques with hands-on training on live models to ensure you are confident and safe to practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our combined aesthetic medicine training packages are designed to enable skilled, experienced doctors to extend their existing medical training.

These specialist botox training courses for doctors offer the opportunity to operate within the rapidly growing sector of aesthetic medicine — an industry that now contributes more than £2 billion to the UK economy every year.

Our aim is to transform capable, qualified doctors into practice-ready, holistically-certified aesthetic medicine professionals.

Facial aesthetic injectable treatment training for doctors

Demand for non-surgical injectable treatments is growing across the world, with many people turning to alternative, aesthetic options to minimise some of the common signs of ageing.

Poorly performed procedures, carried out by those with little experience or training, pose a real and significant risk to patients — which is why there has been a notable shift towards patients seeking highly qualified, experienced and regulated doctors to perform these types of procedures.

Our training courses for doctors instil superb capability and total accountability — teaching the skills needed to perform high-quality botox and other non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Workshops are delivered nationwide, with hands-on training, by qualified aesthetic practitioners.

With demand for aesthetic talent showing signs of considerably outweighing supply, we believe that there is an urgent need for improved access to suitable, valuable, and regulated training courses for doctors. Not only does this help to transform the aesthetic medicine sector, but it also enables skilled healthcare professionals to benefit from alternative career opportunities.

Our aesthetic procedure training courses for doctors in the UK

Derma Institute offers intensive, comprehensive training courses across the UK. We focus on facial aesthetic injectable treatments, including botox and dermal fillers, as some of the most commonly requested aesthetic procedures.

Our small group courses cover all aspects of the theoretical and practical knowledge of aesthetic injectable treatments, resulting in a Level 7 diploma for doctors.

Our training courses are designed to expand the knowledge and skill of all doctors — right through from FY1 and FY2 foundation grade doctors to registrars and consultants.

At Derma Institute, we are proud to offer experienced doctors a unique opportunity to undertake practical, hands-on training throughout the programme. Our training courses provide valuable insight into the realities of cosmetic clinics and facilitate the transition from exclusively medical environments to an aesthetic setting.

Training is undertaken by a top team of botox and dermal filler professionals and overseen by global leaders in aesthetic medicine and training.


Choose Derma Institute courses regardless of your career level. Invest in your education and stay up-to-date with advanced technologies that bring real benefits to both the doctor and the patient. Integrate into your work style the most advanced methods that Derma Institute reveals to you, which can become a particularly important milestone to be a sought-after and renowned specialist.

The benefits of Derma Institute cosmetic procedure training for doctors

At Derma Institute, the combined botox and dermal fillers training course aims to accelerate learning and provide a fast track into aesthetic medicine for those with an existing and licensed medical knowledge base.

Our courses for doctors are carefully created to boost earning potential, create opportunities for greater independence, improve career stability and facilitate the building, development and nurturing of valuable skills.

At a time when contractual changes are impacting working hours, pay, and overall level of job satisfaction for talented doctors, we believe that improving access to further training opportunities can open up new pathways for practice.

This is the key to ensuring the continuation of career progression within the medical field and can help create new, profitable roles within challenging and highly rewarding environments. With aesthetic medicine training, doctors can choose to transfer to a new field or work in aesthetics alongside a position within the NHS or private practice.

FAQ botox and dermal fillers training for doctors

How can a training for cosmetic procedures for doctors help me?

When it comes to facial aesthetics, changes and innovations in the field appear all the time. Regardless of the level you are at, it is very important to always stay up to date with everything that can represent an additional benefit for patients, but also for your training. Moreover, within the Derma Institute you will also receive business and marketing advice, which will help you to promote your services on a larger scale, but also to make the most profitable financial decisions. Aesthetic trainings organized by Derma Institute combine the theoretical component with the practical one, so that upon completion of the course you will be one step closer to the next level in your career.

Why is it important to continuously prepare myself in the field of medical aesthetics?

A dynamic field and constantly full of news, medical aesthetics comes with numerous challenges for doctors. This is due both to the varied requirements that come from the patients, and to the technology that evolves from one day to the next. Thus, for each individual procedure, the equipment can change and update often, which is why it is necessary to benefit from continuous education. At the Derma Institute, we offer the support that any doctor in the field needs to be a reference name in the aesthetics industry.

Can I register if I am at the beginning of my career path?

Junior doctors will have practical experience in the training offered by Derma Institute. So, not only can you enroll in our courses, but it is even advisable to do so in order to work in a practical way, while being closely supervised by our experts. You will inject real patients and you will face real problems, simulating experiences that you will certainly have in your own office. You will put into practice advanced techniques that are used in the field of medical cosmetics and you will be able, after this course, to gain practical experience, but also to train for a new career, having new skills in an exciting industry.

Testimonials by our students

Dr. Anthony H.: “It all started when I realized that, despite the experience I have in the medical aesthetics industry, I always have something to learn.

Then, I turned to the Derma Institute to get advice from incredibly good experts in the field. With their help, I understood better how I can offer patients personalized solutions for their needs, but also how I can make procedures based on botox and filler real aces up my sleeve.

More precisely, I became a specialist in the field myself and I have the knowledge that recommends me to use the best performing equipment and techniques to bring satisfaction to my patients.

Besides this, I must mention that I also received consulting on what business is concerned. After taking this part of the course, I can say that I manage to have a significantly higher current income, but also to enjoy more free time, because I know how to evaluate my work much better.

I strongly recommend the Derma Institute courses to both beginners and experienced specialists”.

Dr. Kathy S.: “Every day I encounter new and new challenges at my workplace, especially since I am quite new to this industry. Once I left school, I had to turn to the Derma Institute to gain practical experience. I was very surprised and at the same time extremely pleased to discover that most of the courses offered by this center are based on interaction with real people.

That is, not only do we get the theoretical information we need, but we actually work on real models. Thus, when I return to my workplace, I already have more confidence and confidence in my abilities and can offer without emotions personalized solutions and treatments to those who choose me.

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At Derma Institute, our aim is to help talented nurses enhance their craft, develop their skills further and learn new procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers. Our goal is to empower them to take advantage of the many opportunities available in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Our Botox training courses for nurses are delivered by a highly experienced team, with full support provided throughout.

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Nursing qualifications provide a wide range of highly transferable skills that are essential in aesthetic medicine.

With practical expertise and a prior understanding of human physiology, nurses are well placed to develop their knowledge and become Level 7 accredited — giving them the skills they need to practice non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

With aesthetic medicine fast becoming one of the most promising emerging fields in alternative medicine, there has never been a better time to consider further training.

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Our aesthetic medicine courses allow licensed nurses to delve deeper into their existing skill base and build upon this knowledge to deliver high-quality, professional results in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Focusing on non-surgical procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers, our courses combine classroom learning with practical, hands-on education and insight into cosmetic work.

Derma Institute courses for nurses aren’t designed to take skilled experts away from the medical environment. Instead, we’ve created our courses to provide experienced, licensed nurses with more choice and greater control over their professional future. Our courses can help provide the knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to work within a cosmetic clinic, in a hospital, or independently.

We offer a range of foundation, advanced and combined courses to meet all needs and requirements, as well as masterclasses and accelerated fast-track training.

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At Derma Institute, we specialise in training courses for non-prescribing nurses. As such, there’s no need to be a qualified nurse prescriber in order to begin your career in aesthetic medicine.

Non-prescribing professionals who successfully complete the required training are permitted to administer Botox and dermal fillers without a prescriber present for the procedure.

As non-prescribing professionals, nurses are able, and actively encouraged, to train in facial aesthetic injectable treatments — giving them a head start in working within this exciting and growing industry.

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Have you decided that you want to invest in your career and in your own development? As a nurse practitioner, you have to be the doctor’s right hand, but you also have the opportunity to make decisions on your own.

Thus, you will be able to be the contact person between the patient and the doctor, but, more than that, you will be the person who puts into practice treatments, regardless of their complexity. In the aesthetic industry, each person in the team has an extremely important role in everything related to the completion of a procedure.

Therefore, following the education and training courses, you will succeed in being a specialist who conveys confidence to patients and who can obtain excellent results in the field.

Regardless of the level at which you are currently, it is time to take a step forward and understand that in this field you have several career options. Therefore, through the courses offered by Derma Institute, you will be able to get that job satisfaction that comes from perfecting and learning new skills.

As a training provider, Derma Institute will offer you the ideal context to learn modern work techniques, but also to familiarize yourself with the injection technique that will ensure patients the results they want when they come to you.

[/et_pb_blurb][et_pb_blurb title=”Testimonials from our students” content_max_width=”100%” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ header_level=”h2″ header_font=”|700|||||||” header_text_align=”center” body_text_align=”left” body_font_size=”16px” global_colors_info=”{}”]

Latifa P.:You know that moment when you know you’re doing a good job at work, but something seems to be missing? That’s what I felt one day and that’s when I searched the internet for botox training course. Not that I don’t know how to do my job, but because in this industry things change so quickly, that you have to do more than get into a routine. Exact. I felt that I had entered a routine that I never wanted.

And then, I found Derma Institute, a center where you are encouraged to work, to practice, to be more than a listener. I became a doer, a nurse who trusts her knowledge and the skills she possesses. I also followed a derma filler training, and now I feel much more confident.

Practically, whatever new thing appears, I am sure that I will handle it and that I will find the methods by which I can offer my patients the perfect context for interventions that are as safe as possible and with very good results. This diploma that I have now is more than a certification, it is a reality that I live with the help of Derma Institute. Regardless of the level you are at in your career, you need these courses”.


Serena V.:I was at that point in my life where I had completed my studies, but I did not have a clear career direction. I gave myself some time to think and decided that, even if I am a non-prescribing nurse, this does not mean that I cannot work independently, with a flexible schedule and total decision-making power at my workplace.

Thus, I found Derma Institute, a place where my suspicions were confirmed. Currently, I own a space where I offer patients quality services, botox and derma fillers and perform these procedures with the greatest safety.

More than that, I own a profitable business and for that I have to thank the Derma Institute. There I gained more confidence in myself and perfected myself in the field because I had top experts with me, but also because I had the chance to work on real models.


If you want to start another stage of your professional life, you have to detach yourself from mistrust. At Derma Institute, you benefit from very important advice in the industry, both from the point of view of the procedures themselves, as well as regarding the management part of a business, free time, but also the relationship with patients. In the Derma Institute team, you will discover people who practice the same job and who are at a stage where they want to share their know-how, so they will be open to provide you with all the help you need when you are looking for a change.

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There is a notable gap between what many nurses look for in a professional career and what is available to them.

We aim to narrow this gap by offering nurses new opportunities to work within environments that meet their needs and nurture their path to progression. Aesthetic medicine lets nurses spend more time with their patients, build relationships and increase their income through diversified treatments.

For nurses looking to further develop their skills, a qualification in aesthetic medicine is an attractive and rewarding alternative career path, and the Derma Institute training offers a variety of benefits for any nurse who successfully completes the course.

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No, you do not need to be a qualified prescriber to take this course. Non-prescribers are welcome to take the Botox training course at Derma Institute.

If a non-prescriber chooses to take the course, they will be shadowed by one of our own prescribers. Any complications that might arise during the procedure will also be addressed by our shadow prescriber.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How will the training affect my job as a nurse?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

If you take this course, the training should not affect your primary job as a nurse. Many of our graduates take the course to increase their skills and open up new opportunities to make additional income.

Once qualified, many of our graduate nurses choose to conduct private work outside of their usual working hours, while others look for opportunities within their current workplace.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How long does the course last?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

How long the course lasts will vary depending on whether you are doing the 1 Day Foundation course, 1 Day Advanced or 2 Day Combined course. These are all suitable for beginners.

Beginners looking to complete a qualification such as the Level 7 Diploma will find that this course takes longer. The Level 7 Diploma can take between 6 and 12 months to complete. Level 7 is the highest level available on this course.

The course generally lasts for one full eight-hour day.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Can I register for the course if I am a nurse outside of the UK?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

Yes, you can register for this course if you are a nurse outside of the UK. You will simply need to submit proof of your nursing qualification prior to the course.

The course can only be done in person.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Do I need insurance to inject patients during the course?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

You do not need insurance to inject patients during the course, and as such none will be provided. 

However, following your successful completion and qualification from the course, you will need to arrange your own insurance to continue practising aesthetic procedures.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Can the qualification be used in a private business and a hospital?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

The qualification you receive from this course can be used in both private businesses and public hospitals. The higher the level of qualification you receive (with level 7 being the highest), the more treatments you will be able to offer.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Does the course only cover the injection process for fillers?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

All of our beginner courses cover the theory and practical elements of both Dermal filllers and Botox: 

  • The 1 Day Foundation Course covers foundation Botox and filler techniques (theory and practical)
  • The 1 Day Advanced Course covers both advanced filler and Botox (theory and practical)
  • The 2 Day Combined Course — our most popular course — covers both foundation and advanced techniques

As well as covering the injection process, the course also covers a range of other topics, including dealing with patient expectations, facial profiling, patient assessment, understanding and management of possible complications, and other important elements.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How large are the groups on the day of the course?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

During the course, you will be taught in groups of between three and five people. This small size ensures you receive plenty of one-to-one time to aid with learning. There is also additional help available for non-prescribers.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Can I bring models to work on?” _builder_version=”4.18.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

You may bring live models to work on during the course for an additional fee. However, live models will be provided as part of the course fee.