Why the demand for facial aesthetics is rising

Topping the list for the most common facial aesthetic treatment in 2019, it should come as no real surprise that the demand for Botox training in London is soaring this year.

The UK’s appetite for Botox has exploded over the past decade with more and more health practitioners seeking to supplement their income with Botox training. This allows them to provide high-quality treatments around their current work and family commitments while enabling beauty lovers to access treatments quickly and easily.

But why exactly has the UK seen an explosion in demand when it comes to fillers and why are we seeing more and more people signing up for Botox training?

The Derma Institute team likes to keep our fingers on the pulse of all things facial aesthetics, and after several hours of research into Botox and filler demand, we have uncovered some leading trends that are helping to drive the future of dermal fillers. These trends give a clear indication that Botox training can offer a lucrative revenue stream both now and in the future.

The cult of celebrity

Once the treatment of choice for Hollywood A-listers, Botox treatments have now made their way from flashy LA clinics and on to the local high street, making it far more accessible and affordable for beauty fans keen to try facial aesthetics.
Today, familiar faces from shows such as ITV’s Love Island are far from shy about discussing the facial aesthetic procedures that they have done on a regular basis, making Botox and dermal fillers a far more commonplace treatment to help remedy everything from unwanted wrinkles around the eyes to thin lips. This opening up about fillers and showcasing the excellent results they can offer when carried out by any health practitioner who has undertaken regulated Botox training has helped catapult the procedure out of glossy magazines and into the public domain, feeding demand further still.

Sadly, this demand has seen unscrupulous companies try to take advantage of this Botox boom with inferior quality DIY kits flooding social media. These kits can lead to poor or even damaging results that can last a lifetime.

Luckily, the public is becoming more aware of the potential dangers that at home Botox kits or Botox parties carried out by untrained individuals can have, so they are turning to health practitioners who have undertaken Botox training in London and elsewhere as a safer solution to their filler needs.

Let’s hear it for the boys!

The perception that facial aesthetics are just for women of a certain age is also on the wane, with publications including Men’s Health stating that almost 25% of all Botox and dermal filler treatments are now requested by male clients.

This opens up a new target audience for any health practitioner thinking of undertaking our Botox training in London, as the training isn’t just concerned with the facial aesthetic needs of women. Men are becoming more and more open to the benefits of Botox, but as any good filler practitioner will tell you, the procedure, results anticipated and the application process will differ slightly for male clients. The requested treatment areas and skin thickness will differ somewhat from that of their female counterparts.

In fact, the male beauty industry is positively booming, so if you already offer services such as teeth whitening at a registered dental practice, you might have noticed an influx of male clients hoping to retain their youthful looks or enhance their features in any way they can by asking you if you have undertaken Botox training, so they have a one-stop-shop for all of their needs.

Again, this sector of the facial aesthetics market is soaring with the millennial generation being far more open to filler treatments and older clients looking to retain their youthful looks for as long as possible. This represents an excellent opportunity for anyone thinking of undertaking Botox training to create an additional revenue stream.

New B-type 2 toxin on the horizon. Facial aesthetics future?

If you already have a keen interest in facial aesthetics, you might have heard whispers that a new B-type toxin is on the way to the UK offering even longer-lasting results. According to some experts, the Botox market is going to be “blown apart” by the new B-type 2 toxin which will offer incredible results to clients.

Due for release this year, the new B-type 2 offers greater longevity of treatments for clients and means that practitioners can save more in terms of dosage, making it a win-win situation for both parties. Although fewer treatments for clients has caused concern for some practitioners, the benefit of longer-lasting results means that each treatment comes attached with a higher price tag. Of course, the net impact of this is that those who have undertaken our Botox training in London are able to command higher prices for the procedure and have more slots for new clients in their appointment book.

The ability to use the new toxin correctly before anyone else after undertaking a Derma Institute Botox training In London also makes it easier to fend off the competition too. Some clients may prefer longer-lasting results over a lower treatment cost as it means that they don’t have to visit their practitioner as often – so you can cater to every type of client.

Therefore, this evolution in new chemicals for the Botox market is a real positive for anyone who is already involved in facial aesthetic treatments or hoping to tap into the growing demand for fillers. The ability to use compounds with confidence that offer longer-lasting results can help build up a profitable client base locally.

To find out more about our Botox training in London for health practitioners or for further information on how to enhance your facial aesthetic skills in order to take advantage of the growing demand for dermal fillers, get in touch with a friendly and knowledgeable member of Derma Institute today. Our experienced team can help you choose the correct course and answer any questions you may have.

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